bind-Value vs Value

I have a property (called InvoiceTotal) in code behind that returns a calculated value. It only has a get and no set as it's only returns a value.

I bind the value to a Numeric control as follows: ${InvoiceTotal} but this generates bind-Value="@(InvoiceTotal)" and creates a compile error as a set is also required.

So as a workaround for now I set the value to ${InvoiceTotal + 0} which generates Value="@(InvoiceTotal + 0)" and runs fine.

Is there a way of indicating to Radzen that ${InvoiceTotal} is in fact a calculated amount and have to do a workaround?

The workaround is to set Value as a custom attribute - via the Attributes editor of the property grid.

Thank you korchev.

I tried this by adding an Attribute with Attribute Name of Value and Value = ${InvoiceTotal}. This did generate the correct code however it also generated TValue="MyApp.Pages.EditInvoiceComponent" and this created a compile error for @InvoiceTotal: CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from 'decimal' to 'MyApp.Pages.EditInvoiceComponent'

Any thoughts on what I should do?

We will investigate why this happens as it is 100% not normal. The workaround is to add a TValue custom attribute as well (set to "decimal").

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Amazing. Thank you korchev. I see that the issue is fixed in the update released yesterday