Big Bug-List

I hope you are open for this, I try to collect all bugs I found so far and post it here. The starting point is a new Blazor WebAssembly App with .NET 5 and the CRM database (from here).

  • PanelMenu
    Menu item in the "PanelMenu" is only clickable on the text, but not on the whole button (like a bit above the text)
  • DataGrid-Filter (advanced)
    If you try to select the text (mouse down) in the textbox and do the "mouse up" outside of the filter-box, the filter box will close. It works if the "mouse up" is within the filter-box, but the most people won't understand that
  • DataGrid
    The Page-Buttons for left have different color than those for the right
  • DataGrid
    The performance is very slow compared to the Angular DataGrid (if you only have 50 rows per page, you click a row -> dialog opens -> close it -> try to click next row - there is a big delay, in angular this works nearly without any delay)
  • DataGrid
    In responsive mode the "next page" buttons and the page 2-5 buttons are hidden, so you can't even page
  • Generated Server Code (Table Names)
    The names for foreign keys should NOT be the destination table name, it should be the column name (without ending "Id") or the column description.
    Example: If you have two columns "CreatedByUserId" and "UpdatedByUserId", which are FK for Table "User", the generated code (Client and Server) will be "User" and "User1" at the current state
  • Translations
    If I follow the documentation to do translations: I add cultures, set my language as default, run the application via radzen, open the project in VS and edit the tranlsations.
    Now I compile the project, if I try to run the app from radzen again, ALL my translations will be overwritten with the default values

    (You can't edit the default language, because it's the source, this makes sense)
  • Translations
    The menu will not generate translation keys/names (<data name="" xml:space="preserve">), so the ressource file can't opened via VS
  • Translations
    You can't translate default texts like the "ClearFilterText", you can bind it to a variable, but this way you have to add your own translation system
  • Translations
    The date format for the german culture is wrong, it should be "DD.MM.YYYY" not "MM.DD.YYYY" (or should be editable)
  • Menu
    The new responsive mode closes the menu to late, it seems it depends on the screensize instead of the actual length / menu items. If you resize your browser to 50%, you can't reach the right menu items
  • Menu
    The Open and close button is too close to the right, so the border (after clicked) is behind the scrollbar
  • Menu
    While open the PanelMenu should be hidden or should be work like without the menu. Currently you can click the PanelMenu Toggle, but the menu won't appear.
  • Tabs
    If you bind the "Selected" Value to a variable, you can't select a tab for editing, since the "Selected" checkbox is the only way (I know) to edit the tab-content
  • Tabs
    Tabs are not responsive, if you have too many tabs you can't reach them
  • Generated Names
    Instead of "button0" for a Add-Button, the button should be called "ButtonAdd" or something like this, also all the other elements should have better names like "GridContacts" instead of "grid0" and so on
  • Missing await in Grid Search as you type
    If you add a CRUD page and select "search as you type", there is a missing await, so you get warnings (<RadzenTextBox [...] @oninput="@(async(args) => {search = $"{args.Value}";[__HERE__]grid0.GoToPage(0);await grid0.Reload();})"></RadzenTextBox>)
  • Security
    If you add security and set roles for task statuses for example, the controller won't have any Authorize / Roles (if you do this with ApplicationUser, it works), which is a high security risk! (You can access everything via URL)

Not really bugs, but I think this should be added:

  • ToggleMenu
    Option for "start opened" and "start closed"
    Option to select which menu to toggle, if you have one on the left and one on the right for example
  • Tabs
    Since you can do a lot by binding, the tabs should be bindable like a dropDown or grid for example (where you can select the "text" property and the "content" property can be a template)
  • Style / CSS
    If you select "primary" color (as background for example), it should be "bound" to the primary color, instead of setting/copy the RGB values hardcoded

You see there are still many bugs, this is the reason why I'm still testing and not become a paid customer yet :confused:

Hi @RickJ,

Thanks for your feedback!

While we might address some of the listed issues like responsive tabs in the future some of the others (code generation of tables for example) likely will not be changed.

Hey @enchev,
even if you removed your last sentence, I saw it in the mail :wink:
It's okay, but I like Radzen in general and try to help fixing or at least finding problems.

Updated the translation overwrite problem: You can't edit the default language, because it's the source, this makes sense.

Added menu translation problem.
Added Missing await.

Added Security problem.
(push since it's a high risk and should be fixes ASAP! see above)

Controllers Authorize attribute depends on application developer - Radzen will not generate such attributes for data controllers. You misunderstood also how the internationalization works - I suggest you to check this article:

Only the default culture translations will get the latest values from the current UI settings.

Hi @RickJ,

We have checked the listed issues and don't consider any of them as critical. Some are nice to have other are by design (for example the color of the pager buttons). I am locking this thread as there isn't anything else we can add at this point.