Best way to monitor/profile perforformance Radzen Blazor Server Razor page

Hi, I have a Blazor Server page using RadzenSteps (only a few steps). Each Step embeds several Radzen components (Grid, Radio, FieldSets..). The initial load of the page takes approx 10 seconds -- consistently. There is not much data being loaded and no database etc. causing the problem. It is mostly layout with small seeding of radios and grid formats. After the initial load I can re-navigate to the page with immediate response. So, I need to get behind the bottleneck of the initial build/load process.

What is the best way to profile a Radzen Blazor Server page (besides systematic trial and error :-). Any tools or tips appreciated!

This article might help:

Yes. It helped. Now loading in <2 sec instead of 10. Case closed :wink: