Best Way to Clear a form?

What is the best / correct method to clear the fields in a form to prepare it for the next use?

I have a simple form on a page. fill the form. submit. Record gets added to the underlying table. good.
now I want to clear the form without navigating away from this page.

simple, I'm sure but could use some guidance.

thanks in advance

Are you using a Form or a TemplateForm component?

Either would do. I can use either form or form template.

I tried both.

Setting the Data of of a Form to a property which is an empty object {} will clear it. If using a TemplateForm you can set the Value property of all input components to empty values. Say if a TextBox's Value is set to ${data.FirstName} you can set data to {} via Set property action.

OK. that was easy.

As always thanks for your quick response.

What I did...

  • create a page property with set property newRecord = {}
  • 'bound' my form data property to ${newRecord}
  • to Clear the form I set property ${newRecord} = {}