Best practice for localized content in database with Radzen


has anyone had the requirement to store localized text in a database and create a front-end for that using Radzen? I'm looking for ideas or best practices how this can be done best:

The database is pretty simple: Imagine having two tables:

Table: Product
Id (PK)
Name (FK_LocalizedText)
Other Attributes...

Table: LocalizedText
Id (PK)
ValueEN : nvarchar
ValueDE : nvarchar
ValueFR : nvarchar

This example only supports localization for 3 languages at the moment. Another option would be to have a "LocalizedText" table with a "language code" field (de/en/fr/...) and a neutral "value" field; however this would add more complexity. So let's keep it simple.

The issue I'm having is how to use this setup best in Radzen for having an easy to use UI that can be maintained in a proper way.

Since, e.g. CRUD pages for "Product" cannot simply have a Textbox for "Name" and possibly other text fields because they are localized. From a UI perspective I would favor a Textbox having a dropdown next to it where I can select the language and the textbox then shows/contains the actual localized text.

The basic use case should be quote common and when using a "normal" ASP.NET or Blazor application I would create some kind of custom (data)class that handles the translation but in Radzen the database layer is created by Radzen. So has anyone an idea how one could do this best with Radzen?

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Best regards,