Basic Swagger datasource failures

Started testing Radzen and while I really, really like the concept, I have yet to be able to have success with generating a UI from a Swagger definition.

With every one of my swagger API definitions there is a failure to generate a single page. Thinking this is my issue I decided to test the seminal PetStore swagger doc.

The generated pages fail to run since loaders are not configured correctly with parameter requirements, and the generated code misinterprets/misuses types when defining arguments for generated functions.

I would love to be able to use this, but failure on such a simple swagger doc does not bode well.

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Replying to myself here. I was incorrect about the enum arg. The generated code was correct

Hi @leob,

Auto-generated pages from Swagger data-source can be tricky since there are no strict rules like in OData. Maybe you can just add the data-source and create pages manually using the designer.