Base Classes (Settings) Stored in SQL Not Displaying Correctly

Hello Team,

I'm sorry for being a bother today. However, I've been trying to figure this issue out for a while now. I will do my best to describe this issue. If I need to change the topic title to something more relevant let me know.

I have a table named XYZBase which contains basic information used when creating a new "Resource". This table has many columns in it, but the primary ones of interest are BaseId (PK),GroupId (FK), and ResourceID (FK). Next, I have the "Resource" table. This table contains an XYZBaseID but is not an FK to XYZBase.

When running the application, I would expect to see the XYZBase columns along with the "Resource" columns. However, I'm only seeing the "Resource" columns. Do I need to manually add XZYBase.ColumnName to the "Add Resource" page in order for this to work correctly?

I'm sorry if I'm not explaining this correctly. I cannot share source code due to proprietary reasons. Please let me know if I need to further outline anything for you.


I'm afraid that I don't understand your scenario. Maybe a screenshot with the database model, what Radzen Blazor Studio created as page and what's the expected result will help. Keep in mind that Radzen Blazor Studio will create lookup columns only when there is a foreign key relationship between tables - if there are no foreign keys just plain columns will be created.


There was incorrect FK mismatch. Plus, I needed to add additional properties by using pig.Animal.propertyName. I would mark this as resolved please.
So, in SQL Server I created the "Base" for animals and then used a FK in the pig table. Then, in RBS I used the above to get what I needed.