BarSeries for Blazor Chart

Is the Bar Chart going to be added to the Blazor Chart any time soon? I really need it for my app. It's the only type missing from the recently-release Blazor Chart (the Angular Chart has it).

Hi @BrentMinder,

We are currently not working on bar series for the Blazor Chart. I am logging that as a feature request.

A possible workaround would be to use ColumnSeries.

While you are logging feature requests for charts, could you add a donut chart to the wishlist :smile:, it's really just a variation of your pie chart and the ability to place content in the center of the Donut would be great. Similar to what I use the telerik components for.telerik_24042020_1

Hi @BrentMinder,

We have just released a support for bar series in the Radzen Blazor chart.

@Mark_Stevens Donut series have been available for some time as well.

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Is it possible to implement numerical values of fractions like in @Mark_Stevens picture? or something.
tooltips when hovering the mouse are not appropriate.

Such labels are not currently supported.