Balzor suggestion: ProgressIndicatorService?

Similar to the DialogService it would be nice to have a ProgressIndicatorService. This service should just block the gui like a dialog. It should just show a title and a progress indicator like a ProgressBar in indeterminate mode or something similar (rotating circle).

var status = await progressIncatorService.ExecuteAsync(titel, s => {closure that will execute an operation and sets s.success and s.message in the passed status object s});

The dialog with the Progress Indicator will be visible as long as the closure is executing. After the closure has been executed the dialog will close automatically and the gui is unblocked again. The variable status will receive the passed status object s with the properties: bool success and string message. Here message is to describe the failure mode when success is false.

Hi @steamonimo,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will have it in mind for a future release.