Bad request in long odata request on deployed IIS server


when I execute the following request on Radzen editor, the operation is completed successfully.
BUT, after deployment on IIS, I get a error 400 "Bad Request".
I notice that if the length of the request was shorter, the request was OK.

the request:
odata/SmngData/UspInsertExternalSourcesMappingFieldsFunc(TemplateId='B75A7914-285B-4019-AA91-D2C56DE1B9E8',CapabilityId='E323A595-4FF6-4561-B500-04E1F6DA62ED',FieldId='3ADD014E-6BA4-4571-A5B3-F0B9A180FE6C',Provider='test',ExternalSourceType='test',ExternalFieldName='test',IsKey=true,IsRequired=true,UpdateEveryRequest=true) HTTP/1.1

Radzen editor version: 2.82.8

Please, your help.

Check this thread for reference:

Many thanks.
this was very helpful.