BackgroundColor Code Editor

I am trying to change the background color based on a value. I am using the DataList component.

From the DataList component, I am editing a label in the template editing screen:

In the datalist template, I have a label with a data from the database. This all works great.

Now I want to change the background color of the column when the datetime is older then 15 minutes.

My question is what logic or syntax is used in this code editor? C#? Angular or is this the wrong place for what I am trying to accomplish?

Hi @dad2three,

This editor doesn't support expressions at the moment. You can use two labels with the required styling and set their Visible property to expressions e.g. ${data.logDate.Minute > 15}

Other than that in an Radzen Blazor application you should use C# code. In a Radzen Angular application - Angular and TypeScript code.