Background in the main page


I've updated the version of radzen.blazor to 4.1.7 and now I've the background color of the radzen (it's beautifull but I want to change). How I can do it?

This background image is available in the Standard theme. To Remove it, navigate to Settings -> Customize theme -> Colors and enter none in the Body Background field:

Hi @Sbl,
I manage to change it via CSS. IDK if exist any alternative.

BTW that background is from 'standard' theme only

body {
	background: none !important;

Hi, thanks to your reply.
So, I tried to put body {background: none !important;} in wwwroot/css/app.css and there is any changed.

Sorry, but I used Blazor Wasm with the package Radzen.Blazor. In my case it's not applicable. thanks to your reply!!

@Sbl Hmm...

My case
Without "background: none"

With "background: none"

Maybe try to set it via DevTool -> Elements -> Body style (and not from ur css file), just to see whats the problem

I see the problem


But I don't know how I can modify this in my code?

I work with Blazor Server so i cant reproduce ur problem.
But try to override it with Dev-Tools by adding

background: none !important;

to the body's style and see if it works.