Azure WASM App - Server Methods Problem


I published a App to Azure.
Every thing works fine, but the servermethods do not work in the publish app?
Maybe I have to configure something in azure portal?

Starting the app local everything works fine.


Check using your browser tools what request is made during a custom server method call and why is failing. You can do that in the network tab.


I get a 500 internal server error.

In this case the url for request is correct however the method code is failing. What's the code of your custom method?

public IActionResult GetEndkunde([FromQuery] string Kommnr)
            var endkunde = contextDok.VermittlerEndkundes.Where(x => x.Kommissionsnummer == Kommnr).FirstOrDefault();

            if(endkunde == null)
                Models.DokumentenData.VermittlerEndkunde NewEndkunde = new Models.DokumentenData.VermittlerEndkunde();
                NewEndkunde.Kommissionsnummer = Kommnr;

                return Ok(NewEndkunde);
                return Ok(endkunde);

Check the application log for details. Most probably there are differences between your production database and your local database.

where can i find the application logs you mean?

I use the same database. I use a azure relay to connect to the local database.

I think I found the solution. The connection to the second local database does not work correct.