Azure MySql in-app database

I need to add the database to the app I'm creating with Radzen Blazor Studio. I chose to use Azure MySql in-app database.
I then activated the database in Azure and created some tables using the Azure PhpMyAdmin page. But now I'm stuck at the R.B.S. connection setup page; what to write in the "server" field?. Searching the web I found some very different indications but none of them seem to work.

You can use the connection strings from official Microsoft documentation:

Sorry I think this is for regular MySql server database, I’m referring to the Azure “MySql in app” database. Or maybe I’m missing something obvious ?

Never tested it but these links might help which refers to an environment variable that contains the connection string.

The problem is that even by manually setting the connection (in Visual Studio), in RBS the "infer data source" step cannot be performed always giving an error.
I give up; after many attempts and dozens of suggestions/solutions from the web, I realize that Radzen Blazor Sudio simply cannot be used with "Azure MySQL in-app localdb" because the database is running inside the website and is not accessible with an "external" connection as required by RBS to infer the data source.
I have to choose another (free) database, I will try a SQLite solution.

Your database setup like this cannot be used by any tool not just RBS.

It's true Enchev, my mistake was not having carefully checked before how the in-app Azure MySQL database is built. My note was to warn others not to make the same mistake I did.
I've already started with SQLite, and Radzen Blazor Studio works great, as usual !.