Azure Functions

I had a requirement to use azure functions, so I have managed to get it working with Radzen.
So I am passing on how easy it is to use them.
Images of the process are at the end as I can only have 1 image

  1. Create your function in the Azure portal

  2. Add http://localhost:8000 to the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) panel in the portal under Platform Features

  3. Get the Function key URL

  4. Create a Radzen Application and add a REST Datasource to it
    Name the Datasource radzenfunction
    The REST point is the Parent path of the URL
    Authorization set to API Key
    Name set it to code
    Value is dghdkdashksddkld=sdjkdjds-sjdkdjksdjskjsk (after the code= in the URL)
    Press next

  5. Add schema
    In the text box just add Greeting
    Press Next

  6. Add resource
    In the textbox add api/HttpTriggerCSharp1 (middle of the URL)
    Press the plus sign
    Name : getGreeting
    Method select GET

    Add a parameter
    Name name The parameter that the function is expecting in the query string
    Type String
    In query

HTTP Status 200
Schema Select Greeting name from step 5
Press next.
7) Create a new page
Call it home with Start page and Include in navigation selected
8) Add a Textbox and Button to the Page
In the Events of the Button add new click event

Invoke data source method then select getGreeting for the name field
Add a parameter from the dropdown select name and The Value can be your name Fred Dragg

Add a β€œthen” handler
Select Set property
Name getGreetingResult
Value ${result}
Press Done

In the Textbox add ${getGreetingResult} to the Value box

  1. Run the program when you press the button it should get back a result in the textbox β€œHello Fred Dragg β€œ

This is a simple example but there are a lot of features in azure that this opens up.


Thank you for the detailed instructions!