Azure AD Callback Path

Hi all,

I'm using Blazor server-side with .Net 5.

I configured the AzureAD security provider in the Radzen GUI, leaving the CallbackPath property as the default (/signin-oidc).

Everything is working locally, however I can't seem to get it to work in production.

I have registered a Redirect URI with my app in Azure, but after signing in, I'm returned to https://(myapp) and get a 403.

Is this supposed to work with the default CallbackPath, if not, any guidance on what it should be?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @nezdar,

Adding the Redirect URI to your application is the only thing required as far as we know. Not sure what could cause this 403 error.

Thanks @korchev. I think we've got this sorted out now. We had to disable 'EasyAuth' which was enabled by default in our App Service.

ref: Authentication and authorization - Azure App Service | Microsoft Docs