Axis rotation in charts

Hello team!

It would be nice improving charts adding rotation for labels in axes, just to have the chance to avoid this unsightly overlap:


Hi @Soraya,

Agreed. It is something we have on our TODO list.

Hi @korchev!

Thank you for your prompt feedback!

It would be great knowing what's cooking by having access to your TODO list, because the roadmap page is really generic. In this way we could learn about upcoming functionalities by avoiding creating too many posts in the forum and saving you time! :wink:

Thank you again.

That's actually on the roadmap already.

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is this feature available now?


It isn't implemented yet but you can check this thread for a workaround: Radzen Blazor Chart column description styling - #3 by korchev

Thanks,but it does not work.

It does work though - the linked forum thread has screenshots showing it.