Automatic generation of object named "Lock"

When importing an OData endpoint that used a Model name "Lock", the autogenerated code does not compile correct as the following object naming occurs:

Which is a protected keyword so wouldnt work :wink:

Would it be possible to add the ability to "rename" a model input in terms of the class naming convention (possibly a prefix/suffix concept) as that may have more reusability than just accommodating protected keywords (which may be a pain to maintain) ?


Hi @grantvine,

Thanks for the report!

We do have actually list of keywords and we are using numbers to suffix such types - if we find a better approach we will introduce it for sure! For now I'll make sure that this particular case will compile in the next version.

@enchev thanks for the feedback.

  1. I see your releases are quite rapid - by when could I expect to get this fix (you mention next release, so is this days or weeks :slight_smile: ) ?
  2. In the interim, how do you suggest I get around this ? Create separate files for each OData object and then exclude the library for Lock.cs (or whatever it will be called ?) from autogeneration ?


The release will be published before the end of this week. In the meantime you can add the service to application ignore list and change the parameter name.