Autocomplete Selection only with Enter Key or Mouseclick?

Hello radzen team,
is it only possible to select an entry from autocomplete dropdown with enter key or mouse click?
Mouse is unwieldy, enter key submits the form.

Can we have an option to use the "Tab" key for selection?

kind regards

Tab key is used usually to leave the component.

Hi @enchev,
Enter Key is usually used for submitting the form... but in autocomplete its irritating.
In my opion is the tab key a good additional option and after all the more intuitive key to select the dropdown entry.

the enter key is a bad solution. its standard... yes, but in case of an autocomplete component its irritating when users dont want to use the mouse while entering data per keyboard.
(btw... syncfusion autocomplete works like this. tab key selects dropdown entry.)

my suggestion...
Leave enter and mouse click as it is... but add tab key as an additional option.
Tab = put selection in textbox and go on. then all works as expected.
This is intuitive.

What do you think?


We cannot use Tab key since we will brake tab navigation.

UPDATE: We've managed to add support for this without breaking tab navigation - it will be part of our next update early next week.

Hi @enchev,
probably misunderstood...

I ment that the tab key works as normal but in case of autocomplete it should put the (with up/down keys selected) value in the autocomplete (or textbox part) and then go to the next input as expected.


this wont brake the tab navigation.


@enchev !
i saw your reply too late. sorry!

Great news!