AutoComplete selected value

I don't know if I misunderstand the AutoComplete component.
When I try it on the website it looks like i get the value I select in the dropdown.
But when I do the same in my site I get the text I write in it back in the Change event.
Am I using it wrong or do I misunderstand how it is used?

<RadzenAutoComplete Data="@searchItems"
MouseEnter="(args => ShowTooltip(args))"
Change="@(args => Change(args))" />

So this might be the reason.
If I have Change="@(args => Change(args))" it works diffrently then if I write Change="@Change".
The first seems to only sen back what I wrote and the second seems to send back the text I selected in the dropdown or the text I wrote if I click enter after typing.

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For what it's worth -- using "ValueChanged" worked for me.