AutoComplete: Hover over items MouseEvent

Hey guys,

I'm trying to display information of a DropdownItem of my AutoCompletion component when hovering over the DropdwonItem. Is this generally possible or do I need to build this myself? I actually just need an event to be fired that shows me which dropdown item the hover is on. I'm stucked and can't find a suitable method or solution.

Sorry, I am new to Radzen with Blazor

Hi @Cango,

While there is no built-in event that would do that you can use the Template property to handle it:

<RadzenAutoComplete ...>
    <Template Context="data">
        <span @onmouseover="() => ShowInfo(data)">@data.Property</span>
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Hey @korchev,

Thanks for your help. I just wrapped a

around the . So the hover went over the whole line and not only at the text.