Autocomplete does not like mouse highlight of text

Hi, just found a weird issue:
Autocomplete seems to break when selecting the edge of the textbox with the mouse.
The suggestions will dissapear and only appear again if you deselect the field and select it again.

Its also visible on your demo page.

  1. start dragging from anywhere inside the box, till outside the box (as many people do to select the entire text).. doesnt matter if there is text in the box or not, or what direction you drag - as long as you drag OUTSIDE of the box boundary
  2. autocomplete is now hidden / broken and will not reappear until you remove focus and give it focus again.


Unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce such issue.


Im exaggerating the motion required to provike this so its clearly visible what im doing.
It happens all the time if you are used to drag select text inside boxes, as just 1 pixel outside the bound of the element breaks auto complete.

Was this helpful to recreate the issue?

Yes, I was able to replicate it and I'll do my best to provide fix soon.