Autocomplete Custom Value and Browse results with Key Up and Down

I am using the Autocomplete Component which I bind to a collection of objects I get from a database thru Rest service (thanks for the LoadData event).
Can I bind the selected value to the object selected or at least a Value Property other than the Text?
Is it posibble to jump into the result listbox using the Key Down key and browse the results with Key up and Down and select the result with te Enter Key?
Thank you in advance

Hi @horaciodiez,

Unlike DropDown in AutoComplete there is only TextProperty. Navigation between items using keyboard is not supported at the moment - we will do our best to provide this in our future releases.

Hi @enchev.
Thank You!

AutoComplete, DropDown, DropDownDataGrid and ListBox keyboard support just released in latest Radzen.Blazor. Demos are already updated - Radzen release will be published before the end of this week.

Hi @enchev!
Thank you, great job.