AutoComplete Component LoadData event does not fire

I've tried from the example and AutoComplete never fires the LoadData event. I saw somebody else having a similar issue in the DataGrid.

<RadzenAutoComplete Placeholder="Search address..." Change=@(args => OnSearchChange(args, "AutoComplete with placeholder"))
LoadData=@OnLoadData Data=@SearchResults Style="margin-bottom: 20px">

    void OnLoadData(LoadDataArgs args)
        //console.Log($"LoadData with filter: {args.Filter}");
        SearchResults = await GeocodeService.GetLocationsAsync(SearchText);

Hi @David_Brenchley,

Our online demo seems to function as expected. The LoadEvent fires and logs the search arguments to the console. What happens when you debug your application?

Found the problem. I hadn't added the radzen js script to the _host.cshtml. After added it fires correctly