Authorization don't work in my project

Hello radzen team. I'm trying to implement security with radzen/angular. I have entity with add/edit permissions only for admin role

But other users not in admin role have access to edit\add group actions. Where is my problem?

What is "edit\add group actions"?

Sorry, edit/add pages

Those open in dialogs which don't follow the Angular authorization checks. You can use the Condition property of the Open Dialog action to check for the user role ${security.isInRole('Admin')}

Sorry for my stupid questions :grinning:. If i allowed access for 'Add application user' page only for 'Sales Manager' role, why member of 'Sales Representative' have access to it?

Page level security is implemented via Angular Router guards. Those work only for pages that have a URL e.g. pages not opened in a dialog.

Thanks. And blazor/server similar logic?

Would be nice to make Auth for dialogs work for Blazor.