core service name generation not matching page reference

I've recently purchased the annual subscription as I need to replace a Lightswitch app and this appears to be the best option. That's the history.

I like that you've also targeted the newer offering from M$ with .net core razor components and that's where i'd prefer to go. I've been playing with the Angular solution, and am now trying the .net.

I believe i've found an issue with the letter case naming and code generation. Minor but annoying. My datasource is named LOBProductionData, but when the Service is auto-generated it is named LobProductionData (LOB->Lob) and causes compile errors as the pages *.cshtml.designer.cs files reference the original LOB name for the service.
I recreated the project and used camel case for the datasource and it resolved the issue. However, i shouldn't have to do that.
Is there a way to tell the designer/code generator how to handle these cases ?


Hi Miles,

Already fixed and we will release new version Monday!

Best Regards,