Apply FilterMode for Specific Column

I am attempting to customize a RadzenGrid in a Razor view. All of my columns filter exactly how I would like with the FilterMode.Simple applied to the grid with the exception of columns that are of type DateTimeOffset. For these columns, I would instead like to be able to use the FilterMode.Advanced to take advantage of the rich interface that is available in that mode. Is this possible? It seems that FilterMode can only be applied to all columns via the containing grid and not specific columns within the grid. I am hoping I am overlooking something and wanted to post here to make sure.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

This property is for the entire DataGrid and cannot be set per column

Bummer. Is there perhaps someway of getting the control that shows up for advanced filtering into the column's <FilterTemplate> tag?

@DragonSpark, you could probably get what you want by designing your own custom FilterTemplate. But it might be a lot easier going the other direction. Create a grid that uses advanced filtering, and then replace the advanced filters in select columns with your own simple FilterTemplate.


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Good idea, @SloSuenos! I should have thought of that. :sweat_smile:

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