Application Settings HTTPS

What is implication of leaving this https box unchecked?
I have sites deployed and running without this checked.

This setting applies only during development (as said in the label itself). HTTPS support is sometimes required during development since some third party services and APIs require it. In general you can leave it unchecked forever if you don't need it.

HTTPS for deployed applications is the developer's responsibility - you have to install and maintain certificates etc.

Yes we have a valid cert on our hosting server. Dev server we don't which is fine.
Other question which not sure is related. I am used to seeing https in the network monitor when a page is accessing rest services in general. I see the odata calls going out as http, is that normal?

The URL depends on the Base href setting specified during deployment.

This I what I used in the deploy href settings, should I change it to something else?

Seems fine. I just tested a similar case and all service requests used HTTPS when the application itself was browsed via HTTPS.

Thank you all set and I see the same.
You folks are awesome I appreciate all your help!