Application Crash when running as a different user

What happens when you run the application from Visual Studio?

It runs fine. It doesnt present any errors. I am asking a colleague to see if he can run the app under a different user

i just had a thought!!!! The different user has a $ in the username. This hasnt been an issue in the angular apps i have looked at, could it be an issue in blazor?

I have done an uninstall, reboot and installed the latest version again and still the same result.
I have asked a colleague to try and run the package for me and it does run for him.

Again, dont know if this helps but i have decided to see if i can just create teh app in radzen and debug in vs but when i try and create a datagrid page i get the below

When i can clearly connect to the datasources which are clearly present

This dialog lists only tables that have a primary key. Make sure your data bases contain such tables.

they definitely do as this is recreating a LightSwitch app that is in use currently but i will recheck again.

Then probably Radzen hasn't infered any tables from your data source. You can infer again and see what is checked / unchecked.

I have done the infer again and the tables are selected

When I go to the master detail i still see nothing

The annoying thing is my colleague who is looknig at the same app can see things in teh dropw down

You can send us the application to and we will see if the master detail page works at our side.


As requested. Also, as a wonder, if Radzen cannot open the default browser could that cause a crash?

No as far as we are aware.


It turns out that i cannot run any application, angular or blazor, within the radzen app under a different user. By run i mean Debug.
I can see that it may well be just me so I have turned all analytics on that i can to try and catch it