API's with enums

I'm currently trying to make a radzen application based on some API's.

1 of these API's is using some enums, such as:

public enum EnumLanguage
        EN = 1,

the model gives back this enum:

        public EnumLanguage Language { get; set; }

This results in Radzen taking these enums in the dto's:

        public EnumLanguage Language

However, he does not recognise EnumLanguage ofcourse.

I can add the enumfiles & add this line in the Readdto to fix it:

using API_Project.Models.Enums;

But if I open it in Radzen again, this line gets deleted.
Adding a custom file does not work, since the automated code already adds the "public EnumLanguage Language" part, without the using statement in that file.

How can I fix this issue? Anyone has an idea?

The issue is already fixed. It was actually a pretty simple one. I changed the namespace of the enums to API_Project.Models, so it was automatically included. Stupid mistake of me :slight_smile: