API advise


Slightly off topic but it’s a Radzen blazor app so here goes…..

I have a server side apo and I want to create a way that I can get excel to read the contents of a query.

I have been looking into rest apis and odata and I’m going round in circles.

I have two problems I can’t get basic authentication to work. I am testing it with postman and I can a response with authentication but no data. If I remove the authorise attribute from the controller it works but that’s not secure.

In neither instance can I get the data to show in excel. It just gives an error.

Does anyone have any code snippets or links to a working sample? Or any other advice as to how to achieve the end result, data to excel.

Many thanks


Hi @johnmu,

Is this default (MS Identity) security? Adding [Authorize] attribute to the controller (or partial class) should be enough:


yes its the out of the box Default Radzen security NOT AD or Windows. Having read up it appears that my problem is I'm not authenticating the incoming request.

I'm using basic authenitcation with https but no idea how to authenticate the API request.



This post might help you: