Anyway to have parent child in listbox or different colour values

Hello, basic user here

I have my listbox working (not from a database)

However I wondered if it possible to have subitems, or at least different colours, or indent on certain items

Currently it looks like this


Really the >>> items should be sub items of the master item above

Thank You

You could use the ListBox with multiple selection and control the checked on child items through the OnChange event.

As for the style of the sub-items (indentation, colors), we will wait if someone else has a suggestion.

This is currently not possible (indenting items or having different colors). I guess you want something as option grouping? You can open a feature request in our github repository.

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how would I programmatically check a box

I can loop the selected values etc, and I can add to the list during runtime, but am unsure how to tick a item via code

I have tried to append to the data object which hold the selected values, but it does not seem to affect anything

                    KeyValuePair<string, Guid> new= new KeyValuePair<string, Guid>(" > > Sheffield", new Guid("{6780f7c1-1148-47fe-b668-c0a8defa9ac7}"));