Angular - DataGrid - External filter

Dear Colleagues,
I need help with the setting of the Angular Datagrid Filter.
I have buttons to set filter values to the grid.
I want to populate the grid filter field with value and then apply load.
The first steps are ok, but the result does not reflect the filtered value (filter string is empty):

Load method of filter button:

Is there any deeper documentation of the angular Datagrid component?
Especially I am looking for methods I could use to apply filters (or others for future scenarios).

Thank you

Hi @koblamic,

At the moment this is not supported, the grid will look for internal filters only provided by PrimeNg component. We will research what’s the best way to enable this and I’ll post more info here. In the meantime the only workaround I can suggest you is to use a variable directly in loadData event of the grid as additional filter.