Am I supposed to remove bootstrap.min.css from _Layout.cshtml when using Radzen with Blazor?

I pulled this source code directly from the sample :

yet when I run it, the Text (Purchase Info, Store Info, etc.) shows below the boarder verses inline as it does on the website.

It ended up being that leaving bootstrap entry in the _Layout.cshtml was overriding the float. removing it resolved the discrepancy.

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Yeah… I’ve tried the base version as well… it still conflicts with bootstrap. (Or vice versa) At least for this minor issue.

So the conflict was in the Blazor bootstrap.min.css legend class .. it has a float: left in it that was causing the issue. I tried in line clear:both / left ... but this most get applied after the inline style somehow ..

modifying the bootstrap.min.css and removing the float from the legend class resolved the conflict for me.. not sure who other implications it will have down the road.(not a css expert)

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