Always Encrypted - SQL Server

In SQL Server 2016 and above there is an encryption feature called Always Encrypted.

I would like to be able to use with Radzen. When try to pull the data with the encrypted column it does not work. I have set the Column Encryption Setting=enabled property in the connection stiring but that does not help.

I know it needs .net framework v4.6 or above. Since we are using Core it may not be able to.

I would like to use this feature, is it possible with Radzen?


John W

Hi John,

It seems that this feature isn't supported in .NET Core yet.

From the thread it appears others are fond of Always Encrypted as well.

Nice feature and it is too bad .Net Core does not support it. Maybe someday.

Hi, it looks like Always Encrypted is now supported by .Net Core, just confirming that this means we are now able to use it through Radzen as well?

We haven't tested that with Radzen and can't confirm if it works or not. Unfortunately I couldn't find any official documentation saying whether additional configuration is required or not.

Ok thanks. I may take a crack at this if I get the time,cause it would definitely be a bonus to be able to present to my clients.

It looks like it works and it's very simple.
On SQL Server, select the Encrypt Columns Wizard for a given column. Choose which columns you want to encrypt and whether it's a Determinstic or Randomized encryption and run the wizard.

In the Radzen application, change the connectionstring in appsettings.json to include the parameter Column Encryption Setting=enabled. You have to exclude this page so it doesn't get changed by Radzen.

Then run. It works beautifully!

Please let me know if there's any issue excluding the appsettings.json

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