Alternate start page?

Hello Guys, an app I have in production that had its security requirements change. To summarize, if the url used to open the app has a querystring, then the app displays an add record dialog. This end user cannot access anything else. if the URL doesn't have a querystring, then the start page loads normally.

To simplify things, I'm wondering if I could have in effect two start pages by testing for a querystring in the URL in the load method of MainLayout.razor.designer.cs? If the querystring exists, then open the add dialog, have the user fill it out, then navigate to a do nothing 'thanks for completing' page. If the querystring doesn't exist, then proceed with the start pages load method as usual.

is it a good idea to MainLayout.razor.designer.cs load method this way? Or will this cause issues?

Thanks for any thoughts you may have,

Sounds like the right place to perform such check. There should be no issues in my opinion.

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