AllowDelete of a Grid, can it be specific for each row?

I have a Grid, that represents a list of users.

You can delete all users but NOT yourself, as you are logged in, we know which is your UserID.

So I tried having in the Data-bind of AllowDelete the following:

${ !== loggedUser.userId}

Where "loggedUser.userId" is the ID of the logged user, and I tried using "data" to retrieve the ID of a specific row.

But now I'm starting to think that the "AllowDelete" is generic to the whole grid, and not row-specific.

Can you give me more infos about this?

ok I found a confirmation that AllowDelete is global, and to achieve my request, I need to add a new button in the template, all clear

Hi @ava_pmi,

Indeed one needs to create a Template column and hide / show the delete button via setting its Visible property to some condition.