'AllowAdd' and button column on DataGrid?

Hi, I am new to Radzen.

I am trying to create a CRUD suite that works on our REST service. In this tutorial (https://www.radzen.com/documentation/create/) it is mentioned to check the 'AllowAdd'. I cannot find this property on the DataGrid. What do I need to do to allow adding?

How do I create a column where I can add action buttons? Is there a step-by-step guide?


Check my answer to your other question. At the moment you are looking at the Angular version of this tutorial while using a Blazor application. There are subtle differences between Angular and Blazor applications and components. That's why there are two versions of most articles - one for Blazor and one for Angular. You can switch between them from the tab component above the article content:

Hi Korchev

Thank you for the answer. I missed that, now it is working :slight_smile: