Align the Grid Title to center and insert an image from the the images inside the grid along with the value

Can anyone help me solve this one

Have you tried dragging and dropping an Image component in the Template editor of that column? I recommend checking the Creating a Complete application tutorial which shows how to work with templates in columns (and a lot of other things).

Thank you so much for the quick response.
No i dint tried that.i will check that.
and my text align of the title is not changing to looks so unordered. how to change thatDo u have any solution for tht.
thank you again!

Hello all,
i am also interested at a solution to align the Datagrid Header Column Text to left || center || right

Kind Regards

This is not supported at the moment.

UPDATE: This is possible via using the HeaderTemplate. We decided to propagate the TextAlign property of the column to the header as well.

That's okay. Thanks for the information and I really appreciate that u took time for replying this.