After put CompareValidator field does not allow NULL

Hi all,

I have 2 date fields. I want to make sure [End date] is greater than or equal to [Start date]. A null for [Start date] is also acceptable.

However, after I put the CompareValidator, both fields cannot accept NULL. I do try put validation on VISIBLE property, but still not works for me.

You can try using Value instead of ComponentToCompare. If you use ComponentToCompare it has to have a value. Try setting Value to ${DateDeleted} or however the other property is called.

Do you means, I have to set a new property to my field value (DateDeleted) and (DateSubmitted), and after that set these property into CompareValidator value?

${DateDeleted > DateSubmitted}?

Yes, you need to data-bind the Value of the required DatePicker to a new page property. And set Value of the CompareValidator as instructed in my previous reply and not ${DateDeleted > DateSubmitted}. The Value property of the CompareValidator is the Value you want to compare to. ComponentToCompare should not be set in this case.