Adjustable Column Tool Width

I'm laying out my page using the Rows and Column tools and wanted to know if I can drive the width of the Columns from an Event.

Unlike some of the other properties, there doesn't seem to be a way to tie it to a Property:

Indeed setting the column width to a property isn't supported. Could you describe us your requirement? Perhaps there is another way to achieve that in Radzen.

I was looking at creating a slideout box that had additional data in, I was hoping I could adjust column sizes dynamically. Something similar to this:

The other option is to toggle the visibility of a Card, but I couldn't get the existing page to adjust accordingly, the Card just appeared below existing elements

THIS demo has similar functionality when you click the shopping cart icon. Although I would still want to interact with the original side of the page and not have it greyed out.

Thank you @Matthew_Osment!

One way to do that is by setting the Position of the Card to absolute (also set Right and Top):

Then data-bind the Visible property of the Card. By setting that property to true/false the card will appear/disappear.