Adding DLL's to my application

I am brand new to Radzen and I am using the Blazor variation. If I need to add DLL's to support new Blazor..cs code (I want to invoke methods from Blazor Buttons), do I simply add them to the folder: server\bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1 ???

Or since I am used to Visual Studio 19, is it better to use this in conjunction with Radzen in some way. If so, do you have any videos or tutorials on how best to do this?



Hi Gary,

Adding reference to the Visual Studio project should do the work.

Thanks Enchev. Any articles or tutorials you can point me to that would help how the two products can work best together please?

This has been my approach today:

  • build application in Radzen to the point where I need to integrate a SDK in the form of multiple DLL's under some buttons
  • add invoke method which picks up public method in Blazer.PageName.cs file
  • populate and develop method using Visual Studio by opening the solution .sln file in the Radzen folder structure. Where I need to add DLL dependencies to support my new code, add these to the project as new references.

Does this make sense? I have not tried running the Radzen application from Visual Studio - just about to try this.