Adding a new column to an Add/Edit record Page


Whats the best way to add a new column to my AddPage? At present there are 2 columns one for the label, one for the input which is how the CRUD pages are generated.

I can drop a new Column onto a row but that only effects 1 row. I want all rows to have the new column (so I can add a help icon to each row). Is there a way to effect all rows at once?


Hi @timt,

You need to drag an drop a column in every row (or copy/paste it). Rows and columns are just DIV elements with special (Bootstrap) CSS classes (unlike table rows and columns).

Thanks - that's what I was dreading. With many rows (more than 1 :slight_smile: ) it becomes a chore and I just know I'll drop it in the wrong place and have to work out where it ended up!


You can use the Outline view of the Property Grid to be sure the components are in the right place.

But not if its hosted in the Tab Container...