Adding a child record

Hi RadZen!

A recent release of RadZen broke the way I am adding child records to a parent record:

  • I call the Add Child form with ParentID as a parameter
  • In the Form control of the Add Child form, I set the default value of the ParentID foreign key of the child record to ${parameters.ParentID}

This still works as long as the ParentID field in the Add Child form is visible, but it no longer works if I make the field invisible (it used to work while invisible…).

Thanks for your help.


Indeed we made this change in order to fix a problem with wrong control types after the invisible fields. However the fix makes the field value not part of the form as you have reported. We will try to revert the old behavior and fix the other bug in a different way.

Until we do that you can probably set the parent id value in the Submit event handler of your form. E.g. something like:

updateProduct(Object.assign({ ParentID: ParentIDValue },

I will update this thread once we have a fix ready.

@semafox we have just published a new version which should address this issue. You should get it from autoupdate.


It did fix it indeed! Thank you, that was fast!