Add / Edit page missing

I have created a database with some tables.

When I select "CRUD" and "infer schema" and run the app in Radzen I see Add/Edit pages for all tables.... except for one table.

What could be the reason that for a table the "add/edit" pages are not generated?

On database level all tables have primary key....and I have deleted "client" directory and execute "infer schema" again... but still I see no add/edit page for this one particular table.

So this is what I see for all other tables, which is OK:

But not for this table:

No "Add" Button"... no "Add" and "Edit" pages....

Can you double check this table definition for primary key? Usually Add and Edit are not created for tables without primary keys (and SQL Views).

Yes, the table has a primary key:


Is there anything else special in this table? Self-referencing, something else?

No... but in SQlLManager I have add "Identity" in addition to "primary key" to the column, and after some testing and deleting client-directory and re-generating - now I have "Add" button....

can you confirm that "identity" for a column is necessary for "add/edit" ?

Indeed, identity column is not necessary for Add/Edit pages.