Add and Update a Database Table in Add ApplicationUser

I have been using Radzen Studio for about a year now and I love the tools. Now starting to enter into Radzen Blazor Studio and some of the concepts are definitely a little different. I have currently created a fully functional app without much programming at all, which is great! I now want to start adding some customization and had a couple questions. In Radzen Studio, when I want to add variables and/or invoke some database tables, I would use the load event, but in Blazor Studio, I use the oninitialized() method. This is great and I completely understand the methods. I notices that I cannot add oninitialed() to the MainLayout page. I have some code in my current application that is loaded right after login utilizing the Load Event in Radzen Studio and want to accomplish the same thing in RBS. Any insight on the correct way to do this (do I need to completely code it by hand or am I missing something?)

Thanks for any clarification you can give me.

It probably already uses that method so you can't override it again. Select it from the method dropdown and add the required statements.

Yes, but as you can see in the dropdown your showing, oninitialized() is not available. I also can't add that method unless I do it manually (which is fine if that's the way I have to do it. I am only posing the question because on any other page (except Login and MainLayout), the method is available for me to add statements to. Also it seems the only way to add a method is manually as methods are only available to override.

Indeed those methods are missing for layouts. We will add them with the next release. For now you need to add them in code.