AD Security

Using Blazor project with AD security:
after authentication there is an exception shown..

KeyNotFoundException: The given key 'memberOf' was not present in the dictionary.

Authentication.ApplicationUserManager.GetRolesAsync(ApplicationUser user) in ApplicationUserManager.cs
var memberOf = result.GetAttribute("memberOf");

no custom code yet .. so auto generated code.

Hi @mcanavar,

We haven't seen such a response before. Does the user belong to any groups?

The user in this case is an administrator , belonging to the Domain administrators group , I have only set "authenticated" and no group restrictions ..

Does it work with a different (regular) user?

did not test it, will do and come back , have a nice weekend!
Thank you!

Hi ,
I have used a normal domain user and it can login without any problem.

AD Account what caused the error message is the user that I have used to test the AD connection within Radzen security configuration , no errors there, it validated ok .
If it can be used to validate the security , it should be also used to login.
Maybe it is a service account .. I have to ask the network system manager , but strange if you can test the connection it should also work to login. . or ?