Active Directory

This is my first time using AD integration with Radzen so, appologies if I have missed something!

I've enabled Active Directory support and it works as expected except for the fact that when the website is first accessed, the user has to enter their login details into the login form. Is there any way in Radzen for this to be picked up from the currently logged in Windows user so that user's don't have to enter their credentials multiple times?

Many thanks!

Hi @markb,

No, this isn't currently supported. What you are requesting is Windows Authentication which Radzen doesn't support at the moment.

Hi @korchev

Does this mean that we cannot read the currently logged in user without them authenticating somehow through the app? (i.e. we assume that they are already authenticated and just want to read basic detail)

Yes, one has to authenticate in order to get their details.

I know that I refer to LightSwitch a lot (mainly because it was so good) but it was this sort of functionality that we relied on so much when it came to checking who could access what without having to log in multiple times.

I know that Radzen, unlike LightSwitch, is OS agnostic but is this something that you would look to incorporate for us WinTel users?

Yes, it is something we plan to add eventually. Until recently there wasn't proper cross-platform ASP.NET Core support for Windows Authentication.

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