Active Directory - no message if the user has no access

I created an app and enabled Active Directory security. I limited page access to a couple of AD security groups. I’ve noticed that if I login with a valid AD account but one not part of these AD security groups, I get no message. I just stay on the Login page. What am I doing wrong?

We need the full picture of how your application is configured:

  1. Does the user have access to the start page of the application?
  2. Does logging with a user who has access work as expected?
  3. Are there any server-side or JavaScript errors?

Update: I discovered one issue that is potentially what you are seeing. Will release a hotfix today.

The user does not have access to the start page of the application. Logging in as a user with access works as expected.

What I wanted to know is if there is a way to signal/notify a user that they don’t have access to the application. Since hitting the login button displays nothing if they have no access.

This is not a show stopper, just a minor point of user feedback.

Hi @scjhnsn,

The user should see the Unauthorized page in such cases. However there was a regression and this page wasn’t being generated in Active Directory cases. We released a hotfix today which should address that problem. Please try installing it and then do the following:

  1. Go to the security option
  2. Uncheck the ‘Auto generate login page’ checkbox and save
  3. Go back to security
  4. Check Auto generate login and unauthorised pages and save.

This should make Radzen generate the Unauthorized page. If everything works correctly the user should see the Unauthorized page after she logs in.

Thanks for issuing the hotfix so quickly. It now goes to the Unauthorized page if the user doesn’t have access.