Active Directory Group integration

I'm having issues trying to locate a few Active Directory Groups inside the Properties dialog of any Page created.
Since we have more than 1,000 groups in our AD, when I try to find a newly created group, the dropdown combo only display the first 1,000 records because AD query result restrictions.
I had to assign a random group from the results and after that, modify the group directly into the source code (in the page JSON file inside the "access" tag). After that, when I open the Properties dialog, the group is displayed and after compilation everything works just fine.
This post is to request a modification so when you open the Properties dialog, it could give us an option to search directly for a certain group, so we don't need to modify source code and reload the project in Radzen.

Hi @igomezh,

I would suggest you use an existing feature instead - click the + button and type the name of the group you want directly. We probably won't add search to this dropdown any time soon.

I'm 100% percent sure that I did that in the past and didn´t work.

I tried again and it worked, thank you very much.